The Cuisine of Campania

Campania is the best-known of Italy's southern regions. It is home to the bustling port city of Naples, the stunning Amalfi Coast and the infamous Mt. Vesuvius. In culinary terms, Campania is the origin of pizza, mozzarella, macaroni, spaghetti and much of Italy's citrus fruit is grown in the region. The warm climate and fertile soil of Campania allow for a long growing season. The abundance of sunlight combined with the rich soil allows … [Read more...]

Joan is Going to Italy!

We are thrilled to announce that Joan, a guest of Il Fornaio Pasadena, is the most recent winner of a Trip for Two to Italy. Joan eared all six stamps on her Passaporto from January to June 2017 to become eligible for the drawing. Want to put an Italian stamp on your real passport? Join us for dinner from now until this Sunday nigh, July 23rd, to experience Veneto. Be sure to get this cycle's first stamp on your Il Fornaio Passaporto to be … [Read more...]

Win a Trip for Two to Italy!

Don't miss the chance to put an Italia stamp on your real passport! The winner of our Trip to Italy for Two will visit an Italian region of their choice and receive compensation for 7 nights' accommodations and a meal at an authentic Italian restaurant!   You're invited to dine with Il Fornaio during our monthly Festa Regionale culinary adventure through the diverse regions of Italy! Each month, one of our chefs - often a native of … [Read more...]

The Spices of Veneto!

Veneto is a northeastern Italian region stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. As a trading power in the eastern Mediterranean, Venice (Veneto's capital city) came in contact with many cultures and influences - many of the spices used in this region are oriental. Veneto was the first European region to use spices, rice, corn and many other fruits and vegetables. Unlike most Italian regions, rice is more commonly used than … [Read more...]