The Flavors of Friuli-Venezia Giulia

           Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a northeastern region of Italy, bordering Austria to the north, Slovenia to the east, the Adriatic sea to the south and the Veneto region to the west.           The landscape of the region varies dramatically; in the northern areas it is rocky and rough and the cuisine includes a lot of game and grilled meats, as one heads south toward the Adriatic Sea, the land is more flat and dry, therefore seafood plays a … [Read more...]

Orange Sicilian Sea Salt

Dine from our Festa Sicilia menu now until September 24th to receive a jar of Orange Sicilian Sea Salt! … [Read more...]

Sicilia – The Melting Pot of Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicilia is a cultural melting pot. Its heritage - both historical and culinary - is as much Greek, Arab and Normal as it is Italian. These cultural influences, coupled with a sunny climate and fertile soil give Sicilia its abundance of unique foods and culinary traditions. Sicilia is home to over half of Italy's registered fishing boats, so much of it's diet is based on seafood. Swordfish, lobster, mussels … [Read more...]

The Cuisine of Campania

Campania is the best-known of Italy's southern regions. It is home to the bustling port city of Naples, the stunning Amalfi Coast and the infamous Mt. Vesuvius. In culinary terms, Campania is the origin of pizza, mozzarella, macaroni, spaghetti and much of Italy's citrus fruit is grown in the region. The warm climate and fertile soil of Campania allow for a long growing season. The abundance of sunlight combined with the rich soil allows … [Read more...]