A Menu Inspired by Italy’s ‘Green Heart’

Located in the heart of Italy, Umbria is the only Italian region with no coastline or border with a foreign country. This region is known for its picturesque countryside and unique cuisine. The Tiber River runs along Umbria's southern border and creates rich agricultural land. One of Umbria's main agricultural sources is sheep - they're raised and herded throughout this region as well as other regions located along the Apennine Mountains. Much … [Read more...]

Win a Trip for Two to Italy!

We are thrilled to announce that Jan, a guest of Il Fornaio San Jose, is our most recent winner of a Trip for Two to Italy. Jan earned all six stamps on her Passaporto from July through December to become eligible for the drawing. Jan was joined by Il Fornaio President Mike Beatrice, Il Fornaio San Jose Chef Francesco Gazzana and General Manager Sergio Lopez to celebrate!     Want to put an Italia stamp on your real … [Read more...]

An Italian-Style Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate Valentine's Day this year with a special selection of dishes inspired by the Italian region of Umbria, the home of St. Valentine. Visit Il Fornaio or Canaletto to enjoy a romantic meal and celebrate your love! Enjoy a selection of dishes created with St. Valentine in mind, including Cuore di Raviolo con Rancetto, heart-shaped butternut squash ravioli filled with free-range chicken, carrots, celery & herbs served in a crispy … [Read more...]

Begin Your Culinary Journey Through Italy!

Join us January 1-14 to try dishes inspired by recipes from the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. This mountainous northern Italian region is known for its hearty cuisine.     In many Italian regions, pasta is the most popular main course - in Trentino it's common to find filling soups. Our Festa Regionale Trentino menu includes Zuppa d'Orzo alla Trentina (barley soup with cannellini beans, Swiss chard & leeks; drizzled … [Read more...]