The Sophisticated Cuisine of Piemonte

Piemonte, a region in northwest Italy, is celebrate for its fine wines and cuisine. This region is the home of many Michelin-starred restaurants that take full advantage of local produce and use traditional cooking techniques. The interest in local cuisine is especially prevalent in the fall, as white truffle harvest season arrives. Piemonte is known as a hub for white truffles. Worth their weight in gold, truffles are used extensively in Piemontese cuisine. For a few weeks each October & November, white truffles foraged from the forests around Alba, Piemonte are sold at a market in the old city center at breathtaking prices.

Enjoy the essence of white truffles in Portobello alla Griglia (marinated & grilled portobello mushroom served over fontina cheese fondue & drizzled with white truffle oil).

Portobello alla Griglia


In Piemonte, tajarin (pronounced tie-yah-REEN) is perhaps the most popular pasta. Tajarin is Piemontese dialect for tagliatelle and it’s made fresh by local chefs who use a larger amount of egg yolks than found in pastas from other Italian regions. Try our housemade tajarin in Tajarin Gratinati con Midollo di Bue (housemade long string pasta tossed with ham, peas & truffle cream sauce; topped with roasted bone marrow).


Tajarin Gratinati con Midollo di Bue


Piemonte is also one of the leading wine regions in Italy. Highly regarded red and white wines are produced in this region and are often used in the local cuisine. Experience how wine compliments Italian cuisine in Trota di Mare con Mostarda di mele Piccante (freshly grilled Arctic Char with white wine, mustard seeds, green apples & honey).

Trota di Mare con Mostarda di Mele Piccante


Join us November 1-21 to try these dishes and others from our Festa Regionale Piemonte menu. 

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