Sicilia – The Melting Pot of Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicilia is a cultural melting pot. Its heritage – both historical and culinary – is as much Greek, Arab and Normal as it is Italian. These cultural influences, coupled with a sunny climate and fertile soil give Sicilia its abundance of unique foods and culinary traditions. Sicilia is home to over half of Italy’s registered fishing boats, so much of it’s diet is based on seafood. Swordfish, lobster, mussels and shrimp are often found in the local cuisine. Our special Sicilia menu features Spaghetti Mazara, spaghetti with half fresh Maine lobster, Mediterranean mussels, shrimp and tomato sauce. Fava beans and eggplant are often found in Sicilian pasta dishes. Many ingredients were introduced to Italy via Sicilian ports, including pasta and semolina.

Sicilia is known as the place where “the mountains meet the sea.” It is home to many beautiful beaches, magnificent peaks and Mount Etna. Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world; it is in an almost constant state of eruption. Its surrounding fertile volcanic soils support the vast agriculture business in the area.

Try some of our favorite dishes from our Festa Regionale Sicilia menu including…

Timballo di Cappelini con Melanzane (Traditional pasta torte layered with cappellini, fried eggplant, primo sale cheese and basil; topped with Grana Padno and baked in the oven).


Risotto o Casteddu’ (Carnaroli rice with shrimp, crab, tomato, dill, smoked salmon oil, Grana Padano and Trebbiano wine).