Liguria – Passion for Pesto, Pasta & Seafood

May 1st – 21st, 2017

The food of Liguria is the food of celebrating the return of loved ones. Since the return of seafaring Ligurians was anticipated for months or sometimes years, “Welcome Home” celebrations have become an important part of Ligurian tradition. The daily tasks of Ligurians haven’t changed for generations. Each day, up and down the region’s coast, an abundance of shellfish is harvested. Ligurians consume enormous amounts of seafood, including prawns, shrimp, crab and seabass.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy classic Ligurian dishes – they’ll be available at your favorite Il Fornaio location from  May 1st to May 21st. Some of our favorites include,  Cozze Riviera (Mediterranean mussels with garlic, white wine, parsley, lemon juice and ciabatta croutons), Risotto di Camogli (shrimp and artichoke risotto with pesto; topped with grilled scallops and tiger shrimp) and Merluzzo alla Riviera (grilled black cod with pine nut, basil and pecorino crust; served with Ligurian potatoes and Taggiasche olives).

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Risotto di Camogli