Take Home This Spicy Redemption

If you— like us— enjoy a little spice in your life, you won’t want to miss April’s redemption.

Imported from Italy exclusively for Il Fornaio, this high-end mixture is a token of our thanks to guests who dine from the Festa Regionale menu.

With hot peppers, eggplant, bell peppers and olive oil, it’s a great complement to everything from avocado toast to pastas and soups.

We have suggested some delicious uses for our Vegetable Hot Spread below.

• Brush a little Viagro over grilled fish, chicken or steak

• Use as a kicked-up bruschetta topping on crusty bread

• Sprinkle a little Viagro over avocado toast or ricotta toast

• Spice up a cheese panini or grilled cheese by brushing a little Viagro spread between the cheese and bread before grilling. We recommend using a firm mozzarella, white cheddar or Monterey Jack!

• Stir a little Viagro into mild-flavored soups, pasta sauces or stews

• Instead of sprinkling dried pepper flakes over pizza, brush your pie with a little Viagro

A good tip — if the condiment is too spicy for your taste, open the jar and let it aerate at room temperature for several hours, stirring occasionally, before eating. This may help tone down the hot-pepper essence … but, it’ll be spicy no matter what!

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