The Culinary Wealth of Calabria

April 3rd-23rd

Through the ages, Calabria has harbored myriad people and cultures from countries surrounding the Ionian sea, all of which have left an imprint on the region’s history and traditions. For example, a number of Greek colonies formed along the Calabrian coastline, quickly gaining so much wealth and power that the area was named Magna Grecia.

Join us April 3rd-23rd to experience the wealth and power of Calabria’s culinary world with dishes such as Insalata Monte Poro, organic spring lettuces, endive, strawberries and fried goat cheese with strawberry-raspberry vinaigrette.

Passaporto holders who dine from the Festa Regionale menu will receive Viagro vegetable hot sauce imported from Italy. This high-end mixture contains hot peppers, eggplant, bell peppers and olive oil