Il Fornaio Offering Certified Organic Wine

Sustainable viniculture does more than produce delicious high-quality grapes – it creates a legacy of clean soil that ensures toxins stay out of the food chain.

One of the newest wine-by-the-glass offerings at our Italian restaraurants is the Certified Organic 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon by Paul Dolan Vineyards.

This CA winery is dedicated to sustainable organic and biodynamic farming methods and describes their 2010 Cabernet as “the unique expression of a carefully nurtured land made manifest in each bottle.”

The winery in Ukiah is as poetic as it is ecologically responsible. The grapes are produced and harvested in Mendocino County in two vineyards on opposing hillsides of the valley.

These two hillsides are said to “come together, balancing each other to create a harmoniously flavorful wine.”

The Cabernet is full-flavored showing the intensity of its red soil roots, ripe and plummy with intriguing notes of anise and brown spice.

The wine has to be pretty special, after all, since a rare white deer herd wanders through the hills growing this Cabernet Sauvignon.

Scenic CA winery